Kevin Kolb Texted Pictures of Dead Animals to Vick, For Realsies

"Check out your boy getting his hunt in"

Last week, ESPN's Elizabeth Merrill wrote a very interesting piece about the heart warming relationship between Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb.  She managed to paint a picture of two BFF's that share a common goal of winning football games.  And, um, ya know, some other things:

Last week, during the Eagles' bye, Vick received a series of text messages. They were from Kolb. One was a picture of a couple of dead turkeys that Kolb bagged during his trip back home to Texas; another featured a wild hog who met an ill fate with a bow. Check out your boy getting his hunting in, is all Kolb remembers typing in a testosterone-charged week of camouflage and reflection.


Sick since of humor that Kolb has.  We'll just assume Vick didn't respond in kind…


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  1. Once again, you post some of the stupidest shit ever. Kevin Kolb likes hunting. him and Mike are friends. Maybe Kevin just wanted to share a little? I dont see what hunting has to do with dog fighting at all. stop making shit up.

  2. once again, people continue to comment their negative opinions of your writing but keep coming back for more
    get a sense of humor frank this is funny, its called irony..chill out

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