Leighton Shipped to Adirondack on Conditioning Stint


This afternoon, the Flyers sent goalie Michael Leighton to the Adirondack Phantoms on a conditioning assignment as he prepares to return from back surgery on a herniated disc. Under the current CBA, the assignment can last no longer than six days or three games.

The more pressing issue is how the Flyers will handle the goaltending situation following Leighton's assignment. With the emergence of Bob and steady backup goaltending by Boosh, it seems as though Leighton is the odd man out.  If Leights continues to progress, he could be of interest for teams looking to bolster their goaltending. For example, he would be an upgrade over Patrick Lalime in Buffalo as a backup to Ryan Miller. Another possibility involves moving Ian Lapperriere to the LTIR (long-term injured reserved), which would free up enough cap space to call up Leighton. However, carrying three goaltenders, one of which (Leighton) has the lateral quickness of a bear, is a less than an ideal situation.

The fact of the matter is that Leighton, who was competing for a Stanley Cup this past June, likely becomes trade bait and is moved this month. Your thoughts Flyers fans?


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  1. I would be surprised if we used Leights as trade bait. He has done more than enough to prove himself as worthy of a spot. Those of us who were Flyers fans BEFORE the Boston Miracle series can attest to that.

  2. I don’t know man, he benefited from playing good angles and having a good defense. He is painfully slow in net.

  3. This is a really tough predicament the Flyers are in. Bobrovsky is the future of the franchise, Leighton had an amazing run last year, and Boucher has done a great job for the Flyers over the years. Since Bob clearly isn’t going anywhere (and rightfully so), i can’t imagine seeing Boosh or Leights being traded or even sent down to the Phantoms. Shame we can’t keep all three.

  4. For some reason I just don’t think the Flyers will bury Leighton or Boucher in the minors. I think if the Flyers will trade or waive one of Boosh/Leighton out of fairness for the player to give them a chance to find an NHL job. The Flyers rotated three goalies the same way last year without sending one to the Phantoms.
    Both Leighton and Boucher are solid backup goalies. In my opinion, neither is cut out to be a regular NHL starting goaltender. Both were forced into that role at certain points last year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that either would be decent starting goalies over the course of an entire (60+ games) season.

  5. ^Agreed but which one do we keep? Boosh is older but also obviously more experienced. Leighton is younger but i really didnt think he was that great last year. he had a great defense in front of him and he let up a lot of soft goals, he also wasn’t very quick. I think we could get more value by trading Leighton and still keep a great backup in Boosh

  6. The Flyers rotated three goalies last year because at least one was hurt at all times, Adam. Eight(?) goalies suited up last year at some point or another.
    A fair portion of the fan base is going to be upset no matter who they end up keeping on the active roster, doubly upset if someone gets traded. And without paying any disrespect to Leighton or what he’s done, I think Boucher is the closer to a starting goalie of the two. I’m willing to let this one play out before I start screaming.

  7. Dan: I would agree in trading Leighton if there is a taker. Boosh is also a lesser cap hit, and his contract expires this year, giving them more flexibility for next year.
    Mike: There was a time I believe the Flyers had three healthy goalies on the roster, but there were several different goalies to dress (LOL Jeremy Duchesne). I remember rotating in and out healthy scratches and rotating nets in practice.

  8. yeah i wouldn’t call throwing duchesne and backlund on the bench for a few games a real rotation, that was more lavs saying “fuck it, why not” lol. and i agree that trading leighton is probably the best way to go

  9. I agree with Mike, a portion of the fan base is gonna be mad no matter what we do. The plus is that all 3 goalies in question ARE good in their own ways. Its not like the problem is a lack of skill. Whoever gets traded/waived/sent down/whatever, I wish them luck and/or a great career. IF it comes down to letting one of them go, it pains me to say it, but I can see us letting Leights go.

  10. Adam: Jeremy Duchesne? Not even the worst of it. Carter Hutton. UMass goalie on a “tryout” is one second away from putting all of us into the worst situation imaginable. I’m trying to figure out a Sarah Palin joke here, but she might actually know something about hockey.

  11. Michael Leighton does not deserve to ever wear the Orange and Black again. Yes, his fluke playoff run last year was spectacular, but then he lied to the organization about his injury and made us overpay a mediocre goalie with back problems because of it. If Bob hadn’t suddenly emerged, we would have been royally screwed right now.
    Put him on Waivers, ship him for 5th round picks, I don’t care. One thing is for sure, do you really think Lavs would put up with a lying sack of shit for very long? I can’t stand Bouche, who is a whiny little girl, but I’d rather have him backing up Bob than a man who is that disrespectful to the organization.

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