Lenny Dykstra is so Broke He Might Have to Sell His Dog

Dude, what happened?

Lenny Dykstra's financial struggles have been widely reported, but this is an all-time low.  Even though Dykstra filed for bankruptcy to protect his assets, one creditor is still asking a judge to green light the sale of many of Dude's expensive items- including his dog.  [TMZ]

The creditor has filed a list of Dykstra's assets, totaling $715,000 — which includes $100k in jewelry, $15k in art and a $10k German Shepherd. 

Just last year, Dykstra had bragged to HBO's "Real Sports" the dog was a "champion." 

Sorry, Champ.

And that concludes this two-day string of dog related posts.

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5 Responses

  1. Nail is a fraud and a disgrace. The more we learn about him, the worst it gets. It’s really a shame that people ever (and continue) to think that he’s awesome. This guy is not only a jerk, but a cheater.
    If you ever read his investment “strategy”, it’s basically “foolproof” because he acts as though he has infinite capital. When he is losing, he doubles down. It’s truly awful.

  2. Bankruptcy can have disturbing effects on personal and professional life for longer duration. It affects your credit rating and borrowing capacity in near future. Hence, declaring bankruptcy should be considered as last resort.

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