McNabb Benched for Two-Minute Drill

Heh.  Yeah, that sounds about right.

With 1:50 remaining in yesterday's Redskins game, Donovan McNabb was benched in favor of Rex Grossman (??), who coach Mike Shanahan thought had a better chance of leading the team to victory.  [Philly Sports Daily]

"I thought (Grossman) gave us the best chance to win."


Grossman fumbled on his first play and the Lions went on to beat the 'Skins 37-25.

McNabb was, as usual, very professional in his response (well, at least publicly, he seems to be a little more raw behind closed doors).

"When you get benched, you get benched," McNabb said. "Just have to learn from it and move on."

"I continue to focus as if I'm the starter," he added. "He said I'm still the starter."


Because Rex stinks.

I'm not so sure Shanahan thinks having two unreliable quarterbacks is a "beautiful thing."


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  1. i have a theory that daniel snyder turns every coach that works for him into a shitty coach for as long as he’s employed by snyder

  2. Thank you, Mike Tanahan, for making McNabb accountable for his shotty play, something Andy Reid never did.

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