We're going to try to not spend the entire off-season making fun of the Mets, but sometimes it's just too easy.

Clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels is under investigation for betting on baseball and other sports as part of an organized gambling ring that provided tips and inside information (here's a tip: they're going to lose).  He also used Mets' account to pay off gambling debts and stole jerseys, bats, and balls from the team.  [NY Daily News]

Samuels, who has not been arrested, is believed to have told Major League Baseball that he bet on baseball games, a strict violation of baseball rules. Samuels, the Mets' clubhouse manager for 27 seasons, was described by a source as a "spider who sat in the middle of a money web," a man who earned about $80,000 a year from the Mets but whose tax returns showed about $600,000 to $700,000 in income. He has homes in Huntington, L.I., and Port St. Lucie.

The amazin' Mets, folks.