Michael Vick on Sports Illustrated Cover


Michael Vick will be on this week's Sports Illustrated cover.  Nothing like a little mid-season jinx.


4 Responses

  1. He deserves the attention, but at the same time you wonder if it’s the best strategy to keep cooperating with all of these stories and interviews. Maybe you soften the image in the longterm, but those wounds are still open for a lot of people in the short term. I think most people have a pretty unalterable opinion on him at this point. And the dog lovers who hate the guy are only going to hate him 10x more the more they see his mug everywhere. I say go with the lay low strategy for now.
    Imagine the 2 week media hype if the Eagles make the SB. You’ll be running into people you don’t even know who will be talking about how much they hate Vick. I already had that happen when they named him the starter in Week 2. Old ladies who probably haven’t watch a football game in decades were complaining to random people about what a disgrace it was.

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