New Book Says Pete Rose Bought the Engine from Pelle Lindbergh’s Porsche

What the…

This has been rumored, but a new book by hockey writer Al Strachan tells us that Pete Rose bought the engine from Pelle Lindbergh's wrecked Porsche.  [Vancouver Province]

We learn many things from Strachan. How many of you knew, for instance, that Pete Rose purchased the Porsche in which Philadelphia Flyers goalie Pelle Lindbergh was killed, and his girlfriend and another person were badly injured? And the reason for the crash was that the woman turned off the ignition at high speed — locking up the vehicle's steering — because she thought Lindbergh was driving too fast, which he was despite being a gifted driver.

The Vancouver Province says he bought the entire car, but another report, which somewhat questions Strachan's integrity, says it was just the engine (we don't have the book in our possession).  What a scumbag.

To some, this may not come as news.  Search "Rose" in this article, and you'll find some references to the same story.

It appears as though Rose had a Porsche of his own and wanted the parts on the cheap.  Wow.


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  1. I find that very hard to believe. A Porsche 911 of this generation would have had the key on the left side of the steering wheel. Reaching to turn it off would have required quite a bit of effort, even reaching under the steering column to get to it.

    He was intoxicated, driving powerful a car with quirky handling characterisitics, containing more people in it than seats way too fast.

    Very tragic.

  2. My parents ran a restaurant in the colluseum at the time and they always told the story that his girlfriend pulled the key from the ignition

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