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Phillies Playoff Shares are Large, Domonic Brown is 1 for 23 in Winter Ball, and Phillies Release Promotional Schedule

Kyle Scott - November 29, 2010

Phils 0917 2010
"$123,140.50 for you, $123,140.50 for you…"

How's that for a title?

– Todd Zolecki (@toddzolecki) reports that the Phillies' full playoff shares are $123,140.50.  That means each rostered player and coach (43 folks in total) will receive a hefty paycheck for being the National League runner-up.  And who said second place was the first loser?

Each Giants player will receive $317,631.29 for winning the World Series.  Bengie Molina will likely receive full shares from both the Rangers and the Giants (his former team), totaling $563,910.84 or $43,377.75 per playoff game.  Life is tough in The Show.

– Domonic Brown, who didn't get an at-bat in his first four winter league games, is 0 for his last 17 with Escogido of the Dominican League.  That's not good, folks.  Perhaps he's not the obvious replacement for Werth…

– And finally, the Phillies released their 2011 promotional schedule.  Highlights?  A Roy Halladay Cy Young Collectible Tin (at least it's not a creepy ass bronzed hand) on April 2nd and a Placido Polanco Bobblehead on August 16th (head shipped separately).

Now, back to Winter.

New Book Says Pete Rose Bought the Engine from Pelle Lindbergh’s Porsche

Kyle Scott - November 29, 2010


What the…

This has been rumored, but a new book by hockey writer Al Strachan tells us that Pete Rose bought the engine from Pelle Lindbergh's wrecked Porsche.  [Vancouver Province]

We learn many things from Strachan. How many of you knew, for instance, that Pete Rose purchased the Porsche in which Philadelphia Flyers goalie Pelle Lindbergh was killed, and his girlfriend and another person were badly injured? And the reason for the crash was that the woman turned off the ignition at high speed — locking up the vehicle's steering — because she thought Lindbergh was driving too fast, which he was despite being a gifted driver.

The Vancouver Province says he bought the entire car, but another report, which somewhat questions Strachan's integrity, says it was just the engine (we don't have the book in our possession).  What a scumbag.

To some, this may not come as news.  Search "Rose" in this article, and you'll find some references to the same story.

It appears as though Rose had a Porsche of his own and wanted the parts on the cheap.  Wow.

Your Monday Morning Roundup

Kyle Scott - November 29, 2010


In case you have been away from a computer this weekend, here's what you missed.  But before we get to that, Philly Phaithful is offering 3 tees for $50 TODAY ONLY.  Great deal for those of you looking for a gifts.

– A number of reports said the Phillies offered Jayson Werth a contract and Phil from Mt. Airy (yep) said that he could sign by Tuesday.  The contract offer may indeed be true, but Werth denied being close to signing – anywhere – in a text message.

– Our friends at will be holding a networking event on December 13th for those of you who want to work in sports.  We'll be there.

– The Eagles will likely franchise Vick after this season, and their record is now 0-1 since Jesse Jackson visited the team.

– The Flyers lost in back-to-back shootouts.  They were completely jobbed by the "Avery Rule" on Friday.

Pronger is hilarious.

Chicago folks are not.

Broad Street Hockey weighs in on blogging.

DeSean Jackson's Mom brought the pain on Thanksgiving.

– We're taking nominations for Philly Sports Moment of the Year.

– And of course, Morning Carts from Wednesday.

Oh Look, They Fight in Washington Too

Kyle Scott - November 29, 2010


Here's a bunch of drunk Redskins fans fighting at FedEX field yesterday.

Must be some Philly folk dressed up in Redskins gear, because fans from other cities would never dream of acting inappropriately.

Video after the jump.

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Horrible News: A Bears Fan Died at Yesterday’s Game

Kyle Scott - November 29, 2010


23-year-old Stewart Haverty fell from a ledge at around 4:55 p.m. yesterday at Solider Field.  He was later pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  [Chicago Sun Times]

A skilled climber who enjoyed scaling up the side of buildings and trees, he may have even hopped over a railing to enjoy a cigarette behind one of Soldier Field’s famous columns before he fell, friends said.

He would have had to have jumped or fallen over a three-foot-high railing on the balcony, then fallen off a ledge that appeared to be at least two feet wide before plunging down.

Sad.  Chicago Sun Times has more.

D-Jac Got Chewed Out

Kyle Scott - November 29, 2010

Source: Bleeding Green Nation


Before yesterday's game, DeSean Jackson Tweeted this:  The factor of being great and successful is a matter of hungriness and cockiness… And I have them both in me!!!! I don't except nuthn less.

We fixed it:  The factor of being great and successful is a matter of hungriness and cockiness…But I have a case of alligator arms too, sooo…

Don't worry, we kept it under 140 characters for you traditionalists.  But it wasn't his alligator arms (which were understandable after the hit he suffered this season) that pissed off Reid and Vick.

According to multiple reports, when the locker room opened to the media following last night's game, Vick was in the ear of an uninterested Jackson:  [Philly Sports Daily]

When the locker room doors opened, Michael Vick and Desean Jackson were side-by-side at Jackson‘s stall, locked in an emotional conversation.  Vick soon got up but Jackson remained seated, his head in his hands and clearly upset. He stayed there for some time, half-dressed and with headphones resting on top of his head.  Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy came over to sit by the star receiver after a few minutes, attempting to bring Jackson around.

Wilmington News Journal:

As he walked away, Vick told Jackson, “C’mon, D-Jax, you’re my boy. I would never tell you nothin’ wrong.” Jackson didn’t respond. They later had a friendlier exchange after Vick came back from his press conference.

But it wasn't just Vick who was on D-Jac's case, Andy Reid wasn't happy either:  [Wilmington News Journal]

Multiple team sources told The News Journal that Jackson was chewed out by coach Andy Reid in front of the entire team after the game.  Jackson, one source said, had irritated Reid by having a loose demeanor before the game and not taking pre-game drills seriously.

I guess the picture Jackson Tweeted of his game face wasn't enough for Coach.

Both reports do say that the conversation between Vick and Jackson was a bit calmer when Vick returned from his press conference.  But D-Jac was still bothered that Vick singled him out.

Perhaps it was D-Jac's Mom doing it right on Thanksgiving that slowed him down.  

So how's he doing this morning, you ask?

Thats how im feeln… Damn cuh>>RT @DWarren2: "if im not the king of this that i must be the president"@nipseyhussle

Still confident.  I think.

Werth Says He’s Not Close to Signing Anywhere

Kyle Scott - November 28, 2010

"Yo Jim, Phil from Mt. Airy said what?"

CSN's Jim Salisbury got in touch with Werth via text message (ah, 2010) and he denied the report by Phil from Mt. Airy (I would LOVE to know his last name) that said he was close to signing:

While it’s entirely plausible that the Phils have made a contract offer to Werth – that has been the expectation all along – it’s a stretch to say that Werth is close to re-signing with the Phils

Take it from Werth himself.

Asked in a text message if he was close to signing anywhere, Werth’s response to was: “Not at all. It’s very early. I will make an informed decision in due time.”


Ruben Amaro declined to speak about any dealings with Werth:

“All I can tell you is No. 1, we don’t comment on rumors, and No. 2, as with our policy, we just don’t comment on our dealings with free agents,” Amaro said.


Thanks, Rube.  The smug scale is at a solid 97.

Nothing too surprising here.  Neither side denied an offer being made, but Werth did refute PFMA's (done typing it out) source, who said Werth was close to signing.

As we said earlier, no reason to do jumping jacks.  Seeing Werth in a Phillies uniform next year remains a long shot.

So, Andre Johnson Will Probably be Suspended Next Week

Kyle Scott - November 28, 2010


Something, something, not allowed to pummel a guy in the back of the head.

Looks like the the Texans will be sans Johnson for their matchup with the Eagles on Thursday.

Awesome .gif after the jump via (@dhm).  More and video at Philly Sports Daily.

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