Phillies are Second Favorite to Win it All in 2011 released it's 2011 World Series Winner odds.  The Yankees are number one at 4:1, followed by the Phillies at 6:1.

Poor Pirates, coming at 150:1.

Full rankings after the jump.

Yankees        4/1          Cubs          30/1
Phillies       6/1          Tigers        35/1
Giants        10/1          Marlins       35/1
Red Sox       10/1          Athletics     35/1
Cardinals     14/1          Mets          40/1
Rays          14/1          Blue Jays     50/1
Rangers       16/1          Astros        65/1
Twins         16/1          Brewers       65/1
Braves        18/1          Mariners      70/1
Rockies       18/1          Orioles       75/1
Reds          20/1          D-Backs       80/1
Padres        20/1          Indians       80/1
White Sox     22/1          Nationals     80/1
Dodgers       22/1          Royals       125/1
Angels        25/1          Pirates      150/1




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19 Responses

  1. The only thing that is ever his own material is him writing/commenting about something that someone else has already posted or written…

  2. you guys are fuckin morons, sorry kevin doesnt make the fuckin vegas odds….if you dont like what he writes why the fuck do you take the time to post on his shit…go post your opinions on the websites that post em first if you wanna talk about em…dbags

  3. hahaha tyson
    ryan is also ALL CAPS GUY from a previous post, and used to use the original nickname, Davey Lopes.
    Bob previously went by the name “Francis” and said “Phillies fans are terrible, I don’t know why you’re so shocked. Third best fanbase in the city.”
    IP address, guys. Keep trolling.

  4. No one is going to win anything until we get the stench of those faggot hippies out of our locker rooms. Flyers should have never brought him in here

  5. disagree with the reds and a’s so low and cardinals so high. cincy and oakland will be on the up, especially the reds next year. but generally i agree, the trend has been a slipping AL, the NL has all the youth and bright future (Reds, Rockies, Giants). only real youth in the AL will be the A’s of next year, they have a group of maturing prospects and even more room to sign guys.

  6. That is really your response? Calling me out for CAPS on a single post only because u kept misinterpreting what I was saying about Doug Collins? Wow, u really got me on that one. More lame posts by Kyle after the jump. Truth.

  7. I really don’t know why you feel that anyone gives a shit that you think Kyle steals all of his stories from the 700 Level. No one gives a shit about your opinion.

  8. Anyone who says or thinks that the Giants were a fluke has no idea of how baseball works. The Giants have the second best rotation in probably all of baseball. The Phillies are probably first.
    PITCHING IS HUGE. And when you get into the playoffs, it is that much bigger. Getting to the playoffs is the hard part. The Giants won this year because they had good pitching and good luck. Sure the Phillies have better hitting. But the hitters were relatively cold and good pitching was a factor too.
    In baseball, the best teams usually win about 60% of the time. Good teams can get swept by the worst teams. This isn’t like basketball, hockey, or football where good teams almost always win when they should.

  9. I am so sick of reading how Kyle steals material. No body that reads this blog gives a shit.
    I am glad we are not at the top of this list. I cringed every time Phillies were named favorites this year. It was basically unanimous and look where that got us. Most of our boys need to play like they are hungry again.

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