Philly Phaithful Got a Little Nutty with Their Black Friday Deals

Wacky wild inflatable arm flailing tube man!  Wacky wild inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky wild inflatable arm flailing tube man!

You are going to be bombarded with Black Friday ads over the next few days, but let's face it, if you weren't offered 40% off a Bob Says Nyet t-shirt, you'd probably be pretty pissed off.

We got you covered.

The folks at Philly Phaithful are getting all "door buster" on you.  Get any of their products (excluding clearance, of course) for up to 40% off.  Details:

From 7am-8am, all products are 40% off
From 8am-10am, all products are 30% off
From 10am-12pm, all products are 25% off
From 12pm-12am, all products are 20% off

Nothing like a little incentive to log on early.  So search for what you want now, then make sure you stop by on Friday and click that little ad up in the corner.  

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8 Responses

  1. Totally agree with Nick. This site is tatooed with ads. I’m coming here for news. If I want to buy tickets or t-shirts, I’ll go elsewhere.

  2. Guys, there’s not less news, in fact, there’s more. Just some ads sprinkled in. Gotta fund the site somehow. Plus they’re not exactly for insurance- I posted Philly Phaithful stuff long before we ever started working together.

  3. Kyle, we get the economics of get situation. I just think it’s important that we give you this feedback because for every person who says something, there are many more who don’t take the time. I like this site a lot. I want to see it thrive. I’d just hate to see traffic go down because of all the ads.

  4. Appreciated, Nick. We’re trying to find an even balance. The fact is, to have more news and updates- well, we need to have some revenue. From time to time we will have a sponsored post (especially this week with all of the sales and deals) but I’m doing my best to make sure they are targeted. ie- you’re not going to see a post about car insurance. We’re making sure we keep it strictly to stuff that will be of interest to readers and even an added value. Most people love the Philly Phaithful stuff, and quite honestly, I would have posted that on Friday even if we weren’t partners.
    I do appreciate the feedback, I really do.

  5. How’s this for feedback – 7am is too early to be awake on a day I took off from work. Hope you take my issues into consideration 🙂

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