Pronger and Lavs at Monday Night Raw

Pronger_rawPhoto via Dan Gross

Chris Pronger was seated in the first row for WWE Monday Night Raw last night.  Before the show, Pronger and Lavs presented John Cena with a Flyers jersey.

I haven't watched wrestling since high school, so imagine my surprise when I turned it on and saw The Miz fighting Jerry "The King" Lawler.  That would be like turning on MNF and seeing Tek Money sack Terry Bradshaw.  What the hell happened to the WWE?

Good seats for Pronger in the first row… after the jump.

In the red hat on the left

via Puckdaddy

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3 Responses

  1. What logo is on that hat btw?
    Kept thinking it was a Reds hat at first.. But it couldn’t have been now that I see this…

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