Roy Halladay to be on Cover of MLB 2K11

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Actual cover, via Todd Zolecki

2K Sports has chosen Roy Halladay to be the cover boy man for their next baseball game.  Doc will be on the cover for all gaming platforms, including Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PC.

Of course, Sony's The Show is usually the best baseball video game on the market.  But I would imagine this is still an honor for Doc.

To the best of my memory (read: I don't feel like researching this), there have been three Philly athletes on recent video game covers.

Eric Lindros was on the cover of NHL '99 (the Flyers lost in the first round to the Maple Leafs the following season), Donovan McNabb (heh) was on the cover of Madden '06 (the Eagles missed the playoffs that season- the game came out in August of 2005), Terrell Owens was on the cover of NFL 2K5 (Super Bowl), and Ryan Howard was on the cover of MLB The Show '08 (WFC).

Let's make it two for two with Phillies video game covers.

UPDATE: Before I get hung by readers in email, John LeClair was on the cover of NHL Faceoff '98 and Allen Iverson was on the NBA 2K series. 

UPDATE 2:  "I'm honored to be on the cover of Major League Baseball 2K11," Halladay said in a statement.  See, sometimes we just have a hunch on these things.

H/T to Chris DelVecchio for the Photoshop


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  1. I’m guessing they went with the away jersey because he wore it for the perfect game? I wish they would’ve used the pinstripes though.

  2. I bet 20% of the people will be looking at this will say “what’s WFC mean?”
    Perfect use of that by the way.

  3. Also, don’t forget about AI on the first two covers of the NBA 2k series. And it was Reyes on the cover MLB 2k8. Uts has never been on a video game cover.

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