Jon Heyman (@si_johnheyman) of Sports Illustrated is reporting that the Phillies may consider trading for Aaron Rowand if the Giants eat a large portion of the remainder of his ridiculous $60 million contract.

Rowand is taking part in a parade today, but he didn’t exactly do much to get there.  Is he a good clubhouse presence?  Sure.  Is he a two-time World Series champion?  Sure.  But so is Pat Burrell.

Rowand could barely crack the Giants starting lineup in the playoffs.  This was a lineup that had Burrell (1-27 for his career in the WS) batting cleanup for a few games during the playoffs.   I know they won the World Series, but you’re kidding yourself if you think it wasn't 100% because of their pitching.

Rowand would be nothing more than a solid defensive replacement in the outfield.  He is certainly not the answer to our right-handed bat problem we will have if Werth leaves.  Although, he would allow many to dust off their old A-Ro jerseys and wax poetic about his nose breaking catch from 2006.

Speaking of old friends, Bill Conlin, who I generally disagree with, says the Phillies should take a look at Larry Bowa to replace Davey Lopes.  Conlin is right on.  Bowa’s passion would be good for a team that looked like they were sleep walking through 2010.

And for those of you feeling bad for Lopes- even if he doesn’t get a job, he still will make some coin: [Philly.com]

At age 67, he will be able to collect the maximum $140,000 a year players association pension. Tack on about $30,000 more in Social Security and you've got a better retirement package than a former U.S. president.