So DeSean Jackson Got a Washington Nationals Tattoo

And how was your weekend?

I know my prep school upbringing probably doesn't qualify me to comment on all things jerkn', getn' it in, and getting blasted with south central tats, but our boy Gino Ferretti pointed out that DeSean Jackson (@deseanjackson10) Tweeted a few pics of his new tattoos last night. 

He plays for an east coast team, so which relative directional descriptors did he get inked up with? South, central and west, naturally.

The "south" and "central" tattoos are script, while the "westside" one comes in the form of a Nats logo, a team that plays in… wait for it… Washington D.C.  Ya dig?

Now I think I'll go get a Pirates hat to show everybody I'm from Philly.

Pics after the jump.



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  1. hes not from philly he plays here thats it the man doesnt have to please anyone with his ink just his play

  2. No dumbasses its just a tattoo… It has nothing to do with the Nationals, the font of the W was appealing to him and the W itself has meaning not the Washington Nationals dickheads…

  3. lol REPRESENT! YAYAYEEEEEEEEE! Looks like a aunt-annie’s pretzel! Hell should we be surprised after that hit he took two weeks ago? I’m just happy dude is still able to eat solid food. Get at them Colts this Sunday D-JAX!!

  4. Looks like he’s still suffering from that concussion. Somebody get Nowinski on the phone!

  5. d-jack is a cocky moron who like all WR’s is just another showboater. He weighs 6lbs and I am just waiting till he returns and gets clocked again, he will have at least 2/3 concussions this year, that is if he plays with same intensity as before the hit.
    Thank goodness he is fast, but hes not gonna last in this league, hes got maybe 2/3 more yrs. MAYBE
    GO eagles, none the less….i have more money on Maclin in the long term!

  6. Hi there : )
    Why people (society generally) still pre-judge people with tattoos. girls commonly?
    I am a 26 year old F, have 9 tats, most of which cannot be noticed on my every day travels. Five To Six during the warm months are pretty much constantly on display. I don’t aim for attention and I have a loving boyfriend WITH NO TATTOOS .I get the impression that lots of people believe that tattooed persons are blind, as we get stared at, even when we return a glance people continue looking. When will society improve?

  7. the nat’s ‘W’ has Been adopted By urBan america as the main representation of west side. either the west coast, or the west side of the city you reside in.

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