Spectrum Bricks are Rather Expensive, and a Post Demolition Party… in the Spectrum?


That will look great next to my Grandmother's ashes

Comcast-Spectacor will begin selling bricks as soon as the demolition commences today at noon. That's right, for only $39.95 you can own a brick from God knows where in the 41 year old building (please don't be from the bathroom, please don't be from the bathroom).  Sadly, thousands of Hersey Hawkins bricks will not be available.

You can place your order at today's demolition or at RememberTheSpectrum.com. But remember (redundant?) folks, per the press release, "these bricks may vary in color, style and condition due to location and sun exposure."  And popcorn packed urine stains.

Of course, your brick won't be given to you today, since they aren't really knocking down that much of the place.  We're told Flyers, Sixers and Comcast workers will be rolling beer coolers into Bullies (in the Spectrum, mind you) at around 3 o'clock for a final party.  Sounds safe.


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  1. Thank You Spectrum for all the Unforgttable Memories! All the Blood, Sweat, tears, all the Thrills, Thrumphs and Broken hearts that the Entertainment And Sports Teams Provided through the Years! I will Miss The Spectrum but the Memories will be Burried in My Heart Forever! RIP!

  2. Very sad to see the spectrum go. It didn’t want to come down at first!! Brick prices are ridiculous. Ed Snyder needs to earn every last dollar out of the philly fans. Just give everyone a free brick!!!

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