The Fat Lady Has Sung (and been removed from the outside), Spectrum Comes Down November 23rd


That's the day wrecking balls will take to the brick facade and glass windows. Ironically, it won't be the first time the glass will have been busted in.  In 1993, winds from a blizzard broke windows and postponed a Flyers game against the Kings.

How's that for a reference?  I know this because I was a 9-year-old stuck at home, crying over the fact that I couldn't make it to the game to see Wayne Gretzky.  The postponement came much to my delight.

The demolition will begin at noon on the 23rd and is open to the public- just stay away from the building, dammit.  CSN will televise (and live stream? please?) for those who can't attend.

When told about the demo date, Paul Holmgren was a little less sentimental:

“Hasn’t it been like three years? It’s about time."

More at Philly Sports Daily.

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3 Responses

  1. Imma miss this place, I caught a few blowjobs at this joint. Fucked a girl in her shitter in the bathroom too

  2. I was actually at that game against the Kings. The Part 1 version. I couldn’t make the make-up game. But hearing the glass break was freaking awesome! (esp as an 8 year old)

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