The Sixers, Well, They’re Not Very Good

I’m not sure a team can bottom out only 12 games into a season, but the Sixers may have figured out a way- they lost (again) last night to the equally wretched Toronto Raptors.

The Sixers led 83-81 with 4:30 to play and lost 94-86.  That takes skill, folks.  Analyst Greg Anthony (@greganthony50) may have summed it up best with this Tweet:

Watching Philly/Toronto man Philly doesn't have a clue on how to execute down the stretch

Ya think?

Yes, the absence of Iguodala in the final minutes hurt them, but the issues run much, much deeper.  It’s not the players’ or Doug Collins’ fault, they were simply thrust into a bad situation.  But this is a fact: The Sixers are 2-10 and just lost at home to the, no 3-9, Toronto Raptors.  Let's start playing for ping pong balls.


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  1. Who in this years draft would the Sixers target or covet? Not real sure of what’s coming out this year. The sixers are not that good, because it doesn’t seem like they have a true leader OR go-to-guy….hopefully Holliday could somehow become that leader, BUT they still need the g2g….

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