The Wiz Wit: Shark Returns with Week 9 Picks

The shark gives his Week 9 picks.  And guess what?  He looooves the Eagles this week.

EAGLES (-3) over Colts
The public is all over the Colts. I almost can't blame them – getting points with Peyton Manning doesn't happen too often. Vegas knows this is a big game and therefore, will be taking many bets on it. I have to think they're sharp on this line by making the Eagles the favorite. People love to bet the Colts and seeing them getting points is going to push nearly all the action to Indy's side. Just remember the oddsmakers aren't dummies – there's a reason they're inviting you to take the Colts. That reason? MIKE VICK, bitches. He and DeSean Jackson's bubble helmet are going to have their way with the Indy defenders. Then their mothers after the game. Oh, and here is your obligatory mention of Andy Reid's 11-0 record following the bye week. Eagles win 27-23.

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