The Yankees Will Not Pursue Jayson Werth

At least according to a source of the NY Daily News, who says the Yankees aren't going to go hard after Werth because he's not sure he could fit in.

There's a lot of qualifiers there, folks.  

Mark Feisand reports:

According to a source, the Yankees aren't planning to make a hard charge for Crawford or Jayson Werth, the top two offensive free agents available this winter.

Brett Gardner's breakout year, Nick Swisher's solid season and the late-season emergence of Curtis Granderson have the Yankees convinced that paying top dollar for an outfielder isn't the most sensible way to spend their money.

"Unless they parted with one of those guys, I'm not sure where they would fit," the source said of Crawford and Werth.


Cool, so he'll be going to Boston.


2 Responses

  1. I was saying this last week. With the Yanks current roster, Werth probably bats 6th…maybe 7th sometimes against righthanded pitchers. Would you pay $20M a year for #6 or #7 hole hitter? He is by far the best position player on free agent market, but he doesn’t really fit a need for the Yanks. Unless they trade Swisher and sign him just to keep Boston from signing him.
    So I guess Phils and Red Sox are now in the hunt. Probably Atlanta and maybe Anaheim or Chicago too.

  2. Not that it matters being so early in the free agency period, but I’m currently living in Boston and the local sports media isn’t talking much about Werth. (Plus, everyone has their head up their asses about the Patriots right now, so baseball is taking a back seat at the moment.)
    He’s apparently on the radar, but I think the Red Sox have other outfielder’s and other positions they’d like to pursue before going after Jayson.
    Boston is probably the only other team that would give him the money he and Boras are after. I can’t imagine a team other than Boston or NY giving him Jason Bay money, so in my opinion, if they don’t make a run at him, the Phillies’ chances vastly improve.

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