Video: Hit on Austin Collie


Austin Collie gets knocked out.  The Eagles were given a penalty on the play, which eventually led to a Colts touchdown.

Jim Nantz relayed to viewers that Collie was sitting up and alert at halftime- a great sign.

Here's why it was a bad call and the league mandate is getting out of control: Watch the full speed replay around the :35 second mark.  There is no way Kurt Coleman could have slowed himself down to avoid hitting Collie.  Hits like this are, and always will be, part of the game.  The ensuing penalty cost the Eagles.

My biggest problem with the play?  The reaction of Asante Samuel upon seeing the replay.  His yelling and carrying on almost led him right into the trainers tending to Collie.  In a situation where the guy could've had a broken neck, Samuel has to show just a little bit of restraint.

More soon.  Video of the hit after the jump.

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8 Responses

  1. No penalty, maybe a fine but that would be bush league of the refs. I think Phil Simms said everything that needs to be said. If we lose this game I’m going to be steaming for weeks though.

  2. can’t agree more about the samuel comment… the entire eagles’ defense was making a scene and the cbs announcers were carrying on about the penalty at the most innopportune time possible. very, very unprofessional in my opinion.

  3. The league has gotten carried away with penalizing hits. I believe they called this hitting a defenseless receiver? I didn’t know that a guy who catches a ball and is running down the field is considered defenseless now. This plus the Trent Cole call could have cost us the game so it is a big deal.

  4. That was clean text-book defense. No penalty. Fumble ensued. The Refs almost gave away the game. What is worse was the second call on Trent for touching Manning helmet. Again, a fumble. These 2 ridiculous penalties led to touchdowns. NFL is National Flag League…. Hey Vito, I know the spread was -3, but the Refs broke my legs before you’re gonna do it!

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