Villanova freshman basketball player and former McDonald's All-American JayVaughn Pinkston was involved in an "incident" on Saturday that the school is investigating with the help of local police.

The report gives no details, but unconfirmed reports say that Pinkston was involved in a fight at an off-campus party.

Not good.

The program's image has taken a few hits over the last year and a half.  Prior to last season, senior Reggie Redding was suspended after being cited for possession of marijuana.  During the season, Corey Stokes was cited for public urination.  Last spring, there were a number of reports about a "disconnect" between Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fisher, and even though the widely spread rumor (which made its way to Deadspin) involving Reynold's girlfriend was never proven, the story only served as negative press for the school.

This summer, Taylor King, who transferred to 'Nova from Duke, left the school due to "off the court issues."  And now comes the incident involving Pinkston.

As Villanova has become more competitive on a national level over the last five seasons, the school has had more opportunities with high profile recruits.  That means Wright can't be as selective with players' character as he was in the beginning of his tenure at 'Nova, if he wants to compete with the likes of Duke and North Carolina.  King, Stokes and Pinkston were all McDonald's All-Americans.

Wright spun it like only he can:

"It doesn't help, but I still feel great about the guys we have, I feel great about the program," Wright said. "I just think this is part of teaching 18- to 22-year-old kids."

More to come.