We Told Shawn Andrews We Wanted Him Dead and Brad Childress is Out of a Job

Just another day for your former Eagles.

Shawn Andrews gave an interview to crack reporter Andrea Kramer prior to last night's game, in which he talked about some of the mail and sentiments Eagles fans directed his way following his departure.

“My tenure there had run its course,” he said. “A lot of the fans were unforgiving. Most people thought I’d give (football) up, take my money, kick back and go back to Arkansas and have a heart attack, which they wanted.

“It’s mind blowing,” continued Andrews. “The fact that people thought my depression was fake, my back injuries were fake. Yet despite all the pain and frustration I continued to come back. I had those surgeries so I could come back and play.”

“I opened some of it, but there’s still a lot of hate mail so I throw it away.”

A sampling?

“The next time I read your name I hope it’s in an obituary…. Good job, you’re now a backup…. If you had your head out of your ass you could still be a Pro Bowler for the Eagles.


Wow.  All this to a guy who was just trying to get his Michael Phelps on?  Just wrong.

Meanwhile, Brad Childress got Favre'd today and was fired by the Minnesota Vikings.  Best Twitter response comes from Adem Schefter: So I guess Brett Favre can now drive Brad Childress to the airport.



5 Responses

  1. Nut job. Glad he’s gone.
    Not condoning anyone sending him hateful or threatening letters, but he’s hardly a victim. He practically stole milions of dollars from the Eagles.
    Very glad he’s on the Giants roster. Let them have to deal with his nonsense.

  2. do you think he realized that when he got that tattoo and showed it to people it was going to be upside down? So instead of 73 his tattoo reads EL…as in el douche bag.

  3. What a idiot. How many years did hew just collect money and have the same back injury year after year? Quit bitching. Have fun with your new team.

  4. Ike Reese mentioned something on the radio about him needed x amount of plays to get a certain bonus and he was couting down the plays aloud in the huddle. Fuck him.

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