Your Morning MLB Rumor: Why in the World Would We Want Varitek? And a Cliff Lee Update

Things haven't exactly heated up on MLB's hot stove, so we are left with "stories" like this.  Last night, a Red Sox reporter Tweeted the following:

Phillies could be interested in adding Jason Varitek as back-up catcher, according to a source.

That Tweet was picked up by NBC's Hardball Talk and turned into a story.  And that is why someone will ask you later today, "hey, did you here we're getting Jason Varitek?"

Why in the hell would the Phillies want Jason Varitek?  He is 38, and had only 112 at-bats last year, in which he batted .232.  Not to mention that Brian Schneider, who did an adequete job as Chooch's backup, is under contract for $1.5 million in 2011.

If there is merit to the "source," well, we still ask why?  

Meanwhile, the Yankees are flying to Arkansas, presumably to meet with Cliff Lee- that ain't a vacation, yo.  We can surmise how that will end.


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  1. I know someone who is very close friends with Cliff Lee’s wife and she has already said that if they throw an insane amount of money at them there is no way they will turn it down. Lee is pretty much a lock as a Yankee.

  2. Go back and check Varitek’s stats BEFORE his foot injury! He was out for close to 2 months with a broken foot and when he came back Saltalamacchia was on board and getting a look so Varitek sat.
    Also worth a look is his CERA compared to that of Victor Martinez.

  3. Varitek would be an amazing backup, he does so much more than statistics tell trust me i have been watching him in boston since his rookie year guy is great with pitchers

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