Your San Francisco Riot Roundup

Consider this a public service, if you will.

The same city that had at least two writers (here and here) unnecessarily call out Phillies fans for isolated incidents that happened (at a minimum) several months ago, saw riots after their World Series win last night.

Of course, one of those publications, the Mercury News, said fans "wept, hugged and danced in the streets."  


You call this weeping, hugging and dancing?

Video, and a lot more, after the jump.

Congrats to the Giants on the win.  They deserved it- for real.  But their fans?  Well, that's a different story.

You see, the biggest problem with idiot fans is that they are not really fans at all.  Usually the same people who cause trouble are the same ones who didn't watch a given team until they got good. Every fan base has their share of bandwagon fans.  And while we have a fair number here, for the most part, Phillies fans are loyal and of the lifelong variety.  Who remembers watching Jeff Juden? I do, I do!

In San Francisco, however, their bandwagon overloaded right around October 7th.  And it crashed last night.

The idiots were out in full force, using the hashtag #sfriot on Twitter to communicate (for those who don't use Twitter, a hashtag allows you to follow all messages for that topic).

Mashable tracked the highlights:

So far, we’ve heard unbelievable but nonetheless true stories: There aren’t (yet) enough police to control the crowds, and available officers are improvising as best they can while calling other agencies in for support.

Still, crowds are surrounding and attacking police (at least one one officer may be down), store windows are being broken, citizens are found unconscious, cars and at least one bus have been set on fire. From the scanner alone, we are being shown a picture of utter mayhem.

UPDATE: A squad car containing assault rifles was just broken into, according to the police scanner.

UPDATE 2: Six shots were just fired in the Bayview at Third and Hollister. Simultaneously, officers from San Mateo are being sent back home and the scanner activity is becoming less frenetic; it seems San Francisco police are beginning to get things more under control at around one in the morning.

Here's a mob attacking a car.

And here's why- the car drove into them:

Yeah, these guys look like baseball fans:



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36 Responses

  1. Oh oh sorry, didn’t know it was a secret still. I thought the national media blamed their riots on us already.

  2. Aww, thats nice. Let them make asses of themselves. Wont have to hear about Ginas “fever” till next sept-oct. That is, if they do well. Remember, this freakin city couldnt even sellout all their playoff games…

  3. first off, it’s one thing if you want to support your team. But this is straight up ridiculous it’s one thing to be excited but this just uncalled for and everyone talks about Philly fans?. It doesn’t matter city you live in or what team you are supporting there’s always gone to be rude fans.

  4. Does anyone remember the celebrations in Philly being that bad? I mean sure there was some destruction to property, as there is with and post-Championship party.
    But the malicious violence toward police and other individuals? I don’t remember it being that bad.
    Must be the proximity to Oakland.

  5. Yeah, we had a few idiots climb light poles. These potheads are attacking police, burning vehicles, etc. & we’re not going t hear a peep about it.
    Neither of these fan bases deserved a WS title, but what else is new? Anyone else notice how many Giants fans were @ that game? Rangers fans must have been dumping their tickets by the truckload.

  6. I live down by the stadimus and aside from some VERY minor property damage (a broken potted plant here, a missing banner there) there was nothing but smiling faces and high fives up and down broad street. Even the cops were celebrating with us. It was the first championship of my lifetime, I had never seen anything like it. I don’t know what happened in other parts of the city, but it was nothin but love in south philly.

  7. i hope bruce newmans email box is getting pounded by all the shit that’s happening in that city.

  8. Brian, let’s give credit where credit is due. The capacity of AT&T Park is approximately 40,900 plus 1,500 standing room. That’s roughly 42,400. MLB reports that there were 43,601 and 43,622 in the two World Series games played there. Sounds like sell-outs to me. Plus, literally boatloads of fans in the Cove.
    The Yankess, on the other hand… *shakes head*

  9. @Tyson….the riots in Philly were pretty nasty too but I think the point Kyle hit on well is that these people aren’t baseball fans. They are merely jerkoffs looking for a reason to smash things, hoping they don’t receive punishment for it.

  10. @Bill
    I’ve contributed a nice email to Bruce myself. Won’t get a reply unless he cleans the sand out of his vagina, but its fun to get some thoughts off your chest nonetheless.

  11. You are an idiot. Philly has just as many if not MORE bandwagon fans than San Fran, Philly is the 3rd largest city in America, do the math. No one under the age of 25 cared about the Phillies until 2008, do they have real fans now, yes because they have been good for a few years now. San Francisco had TONS of fans during the Bonds era who played until…oh wait, 2007. They just haven’t be publicized because they haven’t won anything. I am not a San Francisco fan, but it is absolutely PATHETIC for you to talk about them like that. I know you are broken hearted because the sure thing that was “the Phillies Dynasty” has taken a (MAJOR) step back, but how about being a little professional.

  12. man, i remember the worst thing i saw after the phillies won was a big flower pot turned over on broad street and a tiny fire on some side street. these san fran people are jokes

  13. I love how all the butthurt Philly fans are using this as an excuse to call San Francisco fans classless. Everyone thinks it’s stupid that these guys rioted, but all your holier than thou crap might actually work if you weren’t already the worst fanbase in the country.

  14. c-rock, for the most part, the phillies fans aren’t bandwagon fans, they’re just 20 and 30 somethings who remember going to games and listening to harry as a kid but never had ANYTHING to celebrate outside of 93, and are just really excited to see competitive baseball.
    do you think the asian lady, the jackass computer programmer clapping his hands they showed on tv last night, and the gang member in that photo above could spell sandoval before wednesday? i say no.

  15. oh please. What makes it any better for phillies fans to riot? just because they are life long fans? That’s some bullshit. give it a rest. everyone is in the wrong here.

  16. I don’t get articles like this, so tit-for-tat…Any major city has punk kids and trashy adults who do this crap…You can’t look at the extremes and make judgements. I’m a life long Phillies fan and will always be, but the Giants were better and they won…big deal, good for them – its over now, let them enjoy it and move on.
    As for the San Fran writers who trash Philly…F them but it is their job to stir the pot, why get bothered by it?

  17. Kyle Scott, so because the magical TV showed a few people who you think cannot possibly be fans, the whole fan base is bad? The two are so similar, look at what you are saying, they have always been passionate but what is there to be excited about since Bonds? Same concept except the San Fran fans didn’t have a 15 year drought (like the Phillies), it was a 3 years one. There are a TON of Philly band wagoners, like it or not. I just graduated high school right outside Philly, it was truly unbelievable how much people began to care half way through 2009 when people used to consistently talk about how much they though baseball sucked for so many years.

  18. “2009 when people used to consistently talk about how much they though baseball sucked for so many years.”
    thats the thing though… they still talked about it even when it sucked. good job hypocrite

  19. If any of this hits sportscenter today, I’ll be surprised. I think that’s the only thing us philly fans are a little pissed about. Seems like things are getting pretty serious out there but it’s not in philly, so the nat’l media will let it sit…just championship starved “fans” enjoying the moment. Or MAYBE they (the “fans”) are just lucky Moss got waived and nobody will pay attention to them at all. What were the ratings for these two garbage franchises to “face off” anyway? No doubt the game got smashed by the Colts and Texans, even with Lee vs Lincecum on the mound.
    And here it comes – Pablo’s fat.

  20. You have to love this reaction.
    – “OMG WE WON.”
    Honestly, I don’t remember things getting to out of hand here. I have yet to experience a Broad Street celebration because I’m usually with my friends from the Northeast at Frankford and Cottman, but the worst I have seen is people climbing light or traffic poles and moshing. Some people light off fireworks from the crowd. When the police feel it is getting out of hand or is no longer celebratory, the police isolate the area and just fire tear gas. Problem solved.
    These people from San Francisco seem to have been very out of control. At Frankford and Cottman, people brought their families to witness the celebration. There will kids there to enjoy it and experience what fandom is all about – the ability of an entire city to band together, set aside all of their differences, and be one.
    Obviously, I can’t speak for everything since I was not in San Francisco last night, but it seems like the per capita destruction is unreal. Look at that intersection. There aren’t even that many people!

  21. they thought* my mistake, typo. However since they all thought it sucked, it was hardly a topic of discussion especially when their team wasn’t doing well.
    Boom, roasted.

  22. I don’t give a shit about your typo…. When we suck, we talk about it. when we’re good, we talk about it.
    I am glad you agree with all of my points.
    nice “roast” clamface

  23. C-Rock, you’re an idiot. I hate calling people that, but you say many stupid things – constantly. Just check out this gem:
    “Philly is the 3rd largest city in America”
    That’s not correct. That’s not even close. Chicago is. Chicago is also the 3rd largest metro area, so you’re not even close. Philadelphia is the 6th largest city and 5th largest metro area.

  24. I finally got a response from Bruce Newman! If it gets any more racy than our current banter, I’ll be sure to post.

  25. Hey C-Rock….Im well under the age of 25 (19 to be exact) and I have been a lifelong phils fan, yes even trhough my childhood (the 90’s) and all or most of my friends are the same. so you honestly have no idea what your talking about. anybody that is a true philly sports fan is no where near a bandwagon fan. obviously you lack fanhood. your probly a bitter mets fan. why are you even bothering to look at this site and comment your obviously not a philly fan and you probly have no idea why its called crossing broad. please do everyone else a favor and LEAVE
    – The philly faithful

  26. Was it the fags from San fran? Most of the people out there are homos. Wow they have such a great way of celebrating. Pure morons. Glad I don’t live in that joke of a state they call California. I mean really look at who their governor is haha.

  27. “No one under the age of 25 cared about the Phillies until 2008…”
    That’s funny because I’m 22 and have been a Phillies fan since I’ve known what baseball was.

  28. Well they all apparently listened to Brian Wilson’s “RAGE” quote. You wont be back next year, or again…your pitching will be figured out and we all know ur offense JUST GOT U BY.
    U deserved to win, dont get me wrong, but the riots and destroying your own city, fellow fans possessions/stores, and your own police presence….you are all really immature/retarded fans…and karma is a bitch, dont expect to ever be back here…you cant handle the limelight!

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