Through the power of Twitter, we're able to bring you that chaos that is the Spectrum looting.  

We're not 100% sure on this, but many of those couches likely came from the various locker rooms and VIP rooms that were used by teams and bands deep within the bowels of the old showplace.  You could probably spawn a super-being from the DNA on those things.

Thanks to the Twitter accounts of our buddy Steve Whyno, Nick Waters, The Wells Fargo Center, and Dustin Godsey for the pics.

  • Spectrum_loot1
  • Spectrum_loot2
  • Spectrum_loot3
  • Spectrum_loot4
  • Spectrum_loot6
  • Spectrum_loot7
  • Spectrum_loot8
  • Spectrum_loot9
  • Spectrum_loot10

Steve Whyno takes us minute-by-minute through the weird morning.

UPDATED with new video from reader Tom after the jump.


Also cool- Andy Reid fist pumping after Sunday's win.