Amaro Says Phillies Have a “Realistic Shot” of Re-Signing Werth

And there is a realistic shot of it being 80 degrees tomorrow, but it's probably not going to happen.

Phillies beat writer Randy Miller (@RandyJMiller) just sent out what is sure to be a Philly-Shaking-Tweet:

Ruben Amaro Jr., just told me that he thinks Phillies still have a realistic shot at re-signing free agent RF Jayson Werth.


Hmm.  That sounds similar to what Tom Byrne and myself reported on Saturday and Sunday.  Our post from Sunday:

Yesterday, we told you that 97.5 reported the Phillies offered Jayson Werth a contract, and they think it may be enough to keep him.  Their source was a family friend of Ruben Amaro.

A trusted source told me that a friend of Amaro (same person?) said:

"Werth was indeed offered a contract that should be a very good offer… However, the ball is now in Jayson's court. We shall see."

That doesn't really give us a whole lot of new information, but it does seem to corroborate Tom Byrne's report on 97.5.


Miller's Tweet certainly doesn't confirm that any offer was made, but since Amaro will not speak about contract negotiation specifics with reporters, we may never know if and when Werth is offered a contract.  What we do know, is that there is a continuing sentiment that the Phillies believe they could re-sign Werth.

As we said before, we're not going to do jumping jacks – Werth met with the Red Sox yesterday (God, it's like someone cheating on you while you're on a "break")- but there is still a chance this could work out.  Not like one out of a hundred, more like one of out a million.  Yeahhh!



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