Andy Reid Doesn’t Like Les Bowen

What a stark contrast to last week's press conference.  Andy Reid was not happy with the team's performance and called his job of coaching "pathetic."  But what really gets under Big Red's skin is late reporters.

It would have been really swell if Les fired back with something about Reid's timeout use.  He didn't. But he did later respond.  Read it here.


2 Responses

  1. my favorite part is that he yells at him for being late because he’s gonna ask the same question as someone else, then andy replies to his eventual question with “we gotta do a better job there”, aka the same answer he gives from everything. unless we win, then it’s “a beautiful thing”.
    oh well, we’ll win next week, regardless of whether the starters play.

  2. not only that but other reporters said Les and Jeff Mclane were late because the elevator at the linc from the press box gets so backed up they could not help it. It gets backed up because when the assistants go from the press box to the locker they use the elevator and no one else can get on. Les should tell Andy to hustle to the treadmill once in a while.

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