Bow Wow Shows up to Support Lou Williams, Has Drinks with Ed Snider

Lou Will has been straight ballin' of late… well, at least off the court.

On Monday, the hot, hot, HOT new trailer for his mini-documentary dropped.  We have no idea what it's called, but early guesses fall somewhere between The Mediocre Story of a Mediocre Baller and Not That Good.

As if that wasn't enough awesome for one week, the big Two-Three had his buddy Bow Wow in his corner last night at The Well.  Nobody has a Shortie Like Mine, but Lou Will has a lil' rapper reppin' him in front of packed half-empty arenas.  Mr. Wow, who later had drinks with Ed Snider (oh, to be a fly…), Tweeted a picture of his feet to get himself on TV.  He was later shown on the Sixers' broadcast (screen grab, anyone?).  

Bow_wow_feetNice kicks, yo

Williams and Wow also got some shopping in at the KOP Mall on Monday.  Just another day in the life of Big Louie Style.

Oh yeah, the Sixers won the game.