Cliff Lee to Sign with Phillies!

Cliff_lee_carlos_ruizMissed you, pal.

Multiple sources just confirmed that Cliff Lee will sign with the Phillies.

The deal is reported to be worth five-years, $120 million.  That is two years and $28 million less than the Yankees offered him.  He also has a partial "don't f'n trade me again" clause.

The news broke at midnight, exactly one year to the day that he was traded away so the Phillies could get Roy Halladay.  Welcome back, Cliff.  He is indeed, the anti-Werth.

One Phillie texted Beto Duran, an ESPN LA radio reporter, and said, "We are sick!"

The Yankees weren't happy:


Sour grapes.

Roy, Cliff, Roy, Cole.  R2C2!

Awkward Lee worship video after the jump.


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  1. Please tell me we’re goddamn sure about this before posting! I can’t take the heartbreak again!

  2. F’real, man. It’s not up on or yet… oh shit I’m so nervous I feel like I just found out Santa actually exists…

  3. This better be the RIGHT NEWS. I don’t want to see another Werth incident. If it is, we can’t dust off our Jerseys just yet. There has to be a number change.

  4. Today is the greatest day in Phillies signing history! our top pitchers have an ERA of 3.18 or less for 2010 season. HOLY COW
    Hooray for Lee!! Way to put the team over the “I”!! He took a lower offer to play where he wanted. What a guy! WHAT A GUY!

  5. In other news Jayson Werth shot himself upon hearing the news that Cliff Lee resigned with the Phillies.

  6. LOL @ Joe. On the upside, Werth can count his millions in October while watching the Phils from his couch. Greedy greasy monkey.

  7. WOOOOHOOOOO WE GOT CLIFF LEE… WE GOT CLIFF LEE…. I’ll say it one more time… WE GOT CLIFF LEE!! Now what concessions do we make? Blanton and Ibanez? Ok to Blanton, but Ibanez to go? Nah.

  8. Is this 100 percent right now? Are you telling me we just screwed Dallas AND New York in the same deal? This deal is legendary if it’s true.

  9. Just to recap:
    our starting rotation has:
    3 Cy Youngs
    13 All-Star appearances
    2 NLCS MVPs
    1 WS MVP
    1 perfect game
    1 no-hitter in the playoffs
    1 WS title

  10. WHAT???

  11. The Yankees Didn’t have a chance!!! Cliff Lee wants to stay with a WINNER all the way!!!….>>>>
    2011 will be the year that the Phillies take back what belongs to them……….>>>>>>>>>>
    “THE TROPHY” of Greatness which they are……….

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