Cliff_lee_catchMake it rain, young fella

Consider this our paparazzo post of the day, if you will.

Last night, multiple folks on Twitter reported that Cliff Lee was at the Capital Grille.  While we're not going to get in the habit of stalking CP Lee (yes we are), this is pretty balla.  

A source tells us that a group of lawyers, celebrating a holiday party, were asked to move so the restaurant could accomodate "a large party."

In walks Clifton, Kristen, and others (names not mentioned).  The restaurant gave them a standing ovation.  The Lees, appreciative that the lawyers moved, sent five bottles of wine and an "enormous fresh seafood platter" to their table.

Cliff Lee, making it rain.

Speaking of raining… Michael Vick threw his girlfriend, Kijaka Frink, a birthday party at G Lounge. It was a very closed guest list (phew) that included Juqua Parker, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, D-Jac, Joselio Hanson, Brent Celek, and yes, Julie Dorenbos.


According to ESPN, Vick is on a very strict court-ordered budget:  [The Centsible Life]

• Two-thirds of every dollar Vick earns goes to creditors and taxes.

• The rest of the money is strictly controlled. Think of it as an allowance.

• Vick can spend $4,250 per month on rent and utilities and $472 per month on a car. His mother, who was on Vick’s payroll during his headier, pre-prison days, can receive $2,500 per month.

• Other obligations Vick owes include mortgages, child support, fees for his agent (who gets $800,000 through 2015) and for his tax lawyers (who will eventually receive a total of $2.6 million). The allowance does allow for Vick to pay $1,355 per month for private school for the two children he has with his fiancee, Kijafa Frink. (Munson calls it a “rare bit of extravagance.”)

• His creditors stand to receive $12 million through 2015, provided Vick continues to receive a multi-million dollar salary.

So what did he buy Frink for her birthday?  Well, our buddy HughE Dillon has the photo.  But here's a hint: it cost $90k, has four wheels, and it's not a toaster.

-Raises eyebrow-

Speaking of cars, here's his Nissan commercial.