Daily News Back Page: Merry Cliffmas

One year ago TODAY, Cliff Lee was traded to make way for Roy Halladay.  This year, we got him back.

Last year, everybody was wishing each other a Happy Halladay, but these were our thoughts on that bitter sweet sentiment:

Roy is Phillie.  We should be happy, this should be good times.  The Phillies just signed an ace.  A guy to lead the top of the rotation.  A guy to win them big playoff games.  Except, we just had that guy.

In gaining Halladay from the Jays, the Phillies traded away Cliff Lee.  Lee was the guy I just described, he was an ace, a stopper, and unconscious in the World Series.  Ruben Amaro couldn't justify giving away the farm for Halladay, he had to get something back.  He couldn't stand the fact that Marson, Donald, Taylor and his prized Drabek had to be swapped for the best pitcher in the game.  Sure, some of those guys brought Lee, but six months later it's Halladay at the top of our rotation.  It's not that I'm not thrilled we have Halladay, it's that we could have had him without giving away Lee.  Ruben just had to get something for the guys he gave away, and trading Lee, who denied reports of not wanting to re-sign, was his only move.  Will Aumont, Gillies, or Ramirez be any good?  Who knows.  Who cares.  

Well, today we got him back.  That is goddamn mind blowing.  We traded Cliff Lee for prospects and got him back… to join Roy Halladay… and Cole Hamels… and, oh yeah, the other new guy we got, Roy Oswalt… exactly one year later.


We'll have more on the full saga in a little while.  How are others taking it?  Heh.

New York can go screw.


9 Responses

  1. Since I can’t ever just be happy about anything I’ll ask the question that’s been running thru my mind ever since I heard about the signing:
    How is this signing going to affect the relationship between Halladay and the Phillies organization?
    Lee got more money/years than the best pitcher in baseball. It’s true that Halladay is humble and a total team player but it’s gotta bother him just a little bit.

  2. Halladay wants to win a WS more than his contract years and $$. He is not nor should be upset the least bit, now that his chances at a WS title are that much closer on paper.
    I dont know anyone on, near, or related to the phillies that is upset at this deal.
    Phillies Amaro and Gillick just made the biggest and most stunning move in all of baseball over the last few years (that does not have to do with ‘roids).

  3. Thought I was still dreaming when I woke up and read this text message at 12:30 AM!!! Re-read it again then woke my son up… and then our celebrating probably woke our poor neighbors up too!
    Now tell me again… How many millions did Cliff Lee pass up to come play for the city with “the worst fan base” ???? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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