Dennys Reyes Will Not be Serving

Whoa.  Last week it was reported that the Phillies had agreed to sign the left-handed reliever, but Jim Salisbury just Tweeted the two sides have parted ways:


He would have been a good get in J.C. Romero's absence.  Reyes posted a 3.59 ERA in 59 games last season.

Perhaps the Phils could only afford to pay him in donuts and muffins after signing Lee.  Again, a surprise he didn't sign.


4 Responses

  1. Cliff Lee leaves tens of millions on the table to play in Philly and this fat ass wasn’t able to reach an agreement?
    Whatever, we’re not going to need the bullpen this season anyway.

  2. This is not a bad thing at all. The Phillies cannot afford another Danys Baez type. Just use our minor leaguers. The system is full of pitchers that may be ready to produce. Take a shot. We don’t have much to lose and can save a ton of money too.

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