DeSean Jackson Celebration GIF and Video

It shouldn't have been a penalty, but who cares?  Screw the Cowboys.  

GIF and video of D-Jac falling into the end zone, after the jump.

GIF via (@bubbaprog)



8 Responses

  1. What’s more unbelievable than that getting called for a penalty is that the Eagles kicked off from the 15 and the Cowboys only brought the ball out to the 23. Maybe our kickoff coverage is getting better?

  2. Hahaha, That’s exactly what I said. The fact that they were playing the Cowboys made this ten times more awesome and made me not even care about the penalty.

  3. I am not normally one for this kind of stuff in football (doesn’t have a place in the sport), but that collapse into the end zone by Jackson was sick, I openly laughed out loud when it happened and LOVED IT. The penalty was bullshit as expected but that was one of the better “entrances” into the end zone that I have seen in my life.
    Great W!

  4. Would have been even better if he ran out to mid field and spiked the ball on the star in front of all those front running Dallas fans!!! The penalty was well worth it.

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