DeSean Jackson Gonna Set the Bar High for Ya

DeSean Jackson appeared on the always hard-hitting T.Ocho Show last night.  And guess how quickly the conversation turned to money and gettin' it in?

It's a lot of ins and outs that go into it.  But, uh, TO man, hey Imma set the bar for you, man.  Imma try to get the most I can.  Imma set it high for you and Imma set it high for errybody else too.  So it's a good look, man.

It is what it is though, but they gonna have to do their best, because the way I'm puttin' it in…  hey, something got to happen, baby.


Yeah, it's totally just about winning.  See that, kids?  Put it in, something got to happen.  Sage advice. D-Jac gonna set the bar high for you.  But, you know, it is what it is.

One thing it's not- Cliff Lee.  That guy didn't get the most he can, and he's always puttin' it in.

Video after the jump.


2 Responses

  1. DeSean needs someone with maturity and class in his ear. He’s got a ton of tallent, but he’s immature and arrogant. If the poison get in he’ll be ruined and lose all the fan support he has. Look at the Halladay’s and Lee’s and Utley’s they get paid too baby, but they have some humility and class too.

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