DeSean Jackson Made Matt Dodge Cry

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At least according to Howard Eskin.

Eskin just Tweeted that Tom Couglin told Matt Dodge to "get out," after seeing him cry in the locker room on Sunday.  For realsies.

Eskin_tweetOf course, on Monday, Coughlin backed-off.  Dodge will remain with the team.

As for the Eagles…  Michael Vick chatted with Mayor Nutter, and D-Jac"hit NYC" last night, before calling into SportsCenter today.  That video… after the jump.


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24 Responses

  1. It’s completely Dodge’s fault that the Eagles scored 28 unanswered points.
    But seriously, he punts it out of bounds, and the first half ends. Big deal. The Giants couldn’t move the ball in the second half and the Eagles couldn’t be stopped.

  2. Why don’t you stop worrying about last Sunday and start worrying about the upcoming trap game you’re gonna lose?

  3. You really think we need to worry about the Joe Webb led Vikings, Nick Swisher? What do we look like, Giants fans?

  4. Clowns? Did I miss it, someone walk by wearing a Mets uniform? Guess it’s possible, that blue seems to be everywhere in the New York teams. Especially when looking at the standings. Boo Hoo, Sad Christmas little buckeroo.

  5. Ahh good ole’ Eskin with his agenda again. He sayd something happens, yet the opposite ends up happening. He is all for effect people. I unfollowed his ass on twitter. Screw him. Mikey Miss is way better.

  6. Swisher, ironic you would tell us to worry about the future games, when all you have been talking about is past championships you won. Try having a valid argument and maybe somebody would care.

  7. eskin is a goon i can’t stand his radio and he says one thing, then completely changes what he “said” before if what predicted or said was wrong.

  8. Oh good our buddy Nick found another blog to troll! Glad to have you back Nick, now go home and get your fuckin’ SHINEBOX!

  9. chen, as long as these blogs keep popping up trying to say Philadelphia’s teams are better than New York’s, I’ll be there to bring you back to reality.

  10. And again Howard Eskin comes up wrong with bad info. I don’t know who’s worse him or Sal Pal. They both just report what they want whether it’s true or not.

  11. Eskin’s been a joke for 20+ years. I can’t believe anyone still cares what he says.
    The kid’s a rookie and if he cried so be it. Coughlin is a dick who can’t handle losing, and idiocy is only topped by the father & son stupidos down in DC running the skins into the ground. The fact that the 3 other teams in the NFC East suck ass might have something to do with the Eagles “dominance”.
    I refuse to get excited until the Eagles look awesome against a real time in the playoffs. They’ve broken my heart too many times.
    OH and next year I think we’ll be trading Kolb for draft picks and bringing DMac back as our #2 to Vick. Just saying.

  12. lololololol nick swisher is bringing up past championships like they actually matter right now. get the sand out of your vagina already, sheesh. if your team has the most money, then no shit they’re gonna have the most championships. they aren’t even a baseball team, they’re an all-business corporation.
    btw if you’re gonna have a yankee’s name, at least make it that of a good non-wigger one.

  13. First off….the Ginas were the class of the NFC East for a while this season, the Cowboys were predicted to be Super Bowl bound, and the Skins were supposed to be better with McNugget. The Eagles were supposed to be mediocre with Kolb, insert Mike Vick and all of that goes out the window…..and remember Mel, the Eagles beat the #1 seed Falcons HANDILY with KOLB at QB…Yes the Eagles aren’t dominant or even the best, BUT they are VERY capable of beating EVERYBODY they play….

  14. I have two things to say 1. Their was a whole special teams unit out there that didn’t catch desean either. Regardless if he wanted I out of bounds or not that whole ST unit should be spending a lot of time in. The film room on that, and the birds only had 10 players on the field, the whole run had me screaming no hold! No block in the back! Either way caghlin should have been blaating ST Coordinator.
    2. I haye ESkin, and his son is an emo tool also on 104.5 I thimk or WMMR. I just cannot stand eskin, I have been liatening to his banter for over 10 years now. On 610 AM I would liaten and hd make horrible statements just to have callers call in. He is a sleezball to me in the sports world does have. Some inside info but seems to be about sixers, eskin is a scam should have no fans

  15. “It’s completely Dodge’s fault that the Eagles scored 28 unanswered points.
    But seriously, he punts it out of bounds, and the first half ends. Big deal. The Giants couldn’t move the ball in the second half and the Eagles couldn’t be stopped.”
    Pretty sure it wasn’t at the end of the second quarter, I remember it as being a walk off punt return at the end of the game.

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