DeSean Jackson Sells His Own Jersey at Modell’s

And you do know that.  Chuuuuuch Chuuuuz.

H/T to the multiple readers who sent this


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  1. Lol, this was done by Modells, same as Woodhead. It’s not copying because the same company is doing it, idiot.

  2. So, we’ve got Yankees, Giants, Pats and Dallas fans coming on here.
    Damn, I guess Philly really is the center of the sports world now 😀

  3. Oooh, good come back internet tough guy.
    You really got us on that one.
    *eye roll*
    (Also, I think what you wanted to say is that Philly is the scum center of the world. The way that you wrote it makes it seem is if you are trying to say(I added the correct punctuation) that Philly is the center of the world and you are then calling someone scum)
    Just a little grammar and phrasing tutorial there for you, have a good New Year 🙂

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