Domonic Brown: Tired and Sluggish, Leaves Winter Ball

Two words you never want to hear about a player: Tired and sluggish.  But those were the two descriptors a team spokesman used when explaining to CSN's Jim Salisbury why Dom Brown was sent home from Winter Ball.

Brown was just 2-29 during his time in the Dominican.  Not exactly the type of production you want to see from Werth's heir apparent.

The "he's played a lot of baseball this year" excuse might not work, since Brown has only had 41 at-bats since the beginning of September.  Last year, there was a tremendous buzz around Brown going into Spring Training.  This year, there is going to be a big ol' question mark.

Looks like Brown could use one of these for Christmas (I'm buying one).

Speaking of Winter and baseball, here's a cold, hard reminder of the four month wait until Opening Day.  Seats are being replaced in certain sections of CBP.  Photo via (@estebomb).



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  1. That’s all the more reason to keep Werth. I’m just saying. LOL Seriously, though, is it a matter of bringing up Brown too soon? I think that they may be the case. I’m might be wrong but that’s my guess.

  2. Give the kid a break. May I remind Jayson was a bum who bounced around teams for how long? He was our backup for a few years before he was even worthy of a shot to crack the everyday lineup. Relax Dom will be okay. Hopefully the phillies find someone to platoon with him this year, then when Ibanez leaves after 2011, We can find a FA Right handed bat.

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