Two words you never want to hear about a player: Tired and sluggish.  But those were the two descriptors a team spokesman used when explaining to CSN's Jim Salisbury why Dom Brown was sent home from Winter Ball.

Brown was just 2-29 during his time in the Dominican.  Not exactly the type of production you want to see from Werth's heir apparent.

The "he's played a lot of baseball this year" excuse might not work, since Brown has only had 41 at-bats since the beginning of September.  Last year, there was a tremendous buzz around Brown going into Spring Training.  This year, there is going to be a big ol' question mark.

Looks like Brown could use one of these for Christmas (I'm buying one).

Speaking of Winter and baseball, here's a cold, hard reminder of the four month wait until Opening Day.  Seats are being replaced in certain sections of CBP.  Photo via (@estebomb).