Video: Eagles Catch Huge Break After Roof Collapses in Minnesota

The Eagles, who will play the Giants next Sunday, got a huge assist from Mother Nature today. The Giants game against the Vikings will now be played tomorrow night… in Detroit.  It will only be shown on FOX in NY and Minnesota, and nationally on the Direct TV Sunday Ticket- thanks to ESPN's MNF rights.

The massive snowstorm in Minnesota collapsed the Metrodome's roof, and the stadium won't be ready to host a game anytime soon (perhaps not even for MNF next week).

This means that not only will the Giants lose a day of rest before next week's game, but they will also have survived a travel nightmare.  They have been stuck in Kansas City, trying to get cleared to fly into Minnesota. Now they will have to scramble to get to Detroit for tomorrow's game.  And Detroit is also expecting wind and snow, which could cause further travel woes for the Giants.  Poor things.

Best part?  This will be the first Monday Night game in Detroit in ten years… and the Lions aren't even in it.  Heh.

Multiple reports say the Giants are already preparing for the Eagles while they wait to travel to Detroit.

Amazing video of the roof collapse after the jump.

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11 Responses

  1. I wonder if the engineers accounted for the first snow melting, being trapped, and then absorbed by the new snow. I have very limited information on the event, but maybe this is what led to the collapse.

  2. Its all Favre’s fault…lol. Didnt the Vikings get shitted on enough this year, now this embarrassment…Too bad they dont suck enough to get Cam Newton in the NFL draft…

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