Wikileaks eagles
The very funny folks over at The Wiz Wit sent us a scoop this morning, as they obtained several Philly sports documents.  Here's a cable between Andy Reid and Jeff Lurie.  

Mr. Lurie,

First of all, sir, I'd just like to wish you a merry…happy…Hanukkah oil candle ceremony. I understand this is an important and meaningful time for your people and while I'm not certain American Jesus completely approves of this much dradling, I hope you and your lovely, lovely wife are enjoying the holiday season. Christmas season. Santa Claus. Cookies. Ham. Big glazed ham. Where was I?

Oh, DeSean's contract. You know how you were saying that you don't want to pay him what he's worth because it's bad business? Well, I've figured out how we can keep him underpaid. Two words: FLY ROUTES.

Read the rest at The Wiz Wit.