HBO Series Comes to Philly, Penguins Leave Sad

Flyers_fans_HBOOur contribution to the show.  via (@whyshynski)

If you told me the Flyers were going to be on HBO and it wasn't going to include an appearance from Jeff Carter in Real Sex, I would have called you crazy.

HBO's 24/7, a documentary that takes us on the road with the Penguins and Capitals leading up to the Winter Classic, made a stop in Philly last night.  Cameras were there for the Penguins' arrival in Philly last week and to see them curse their way into the (Villanova) locker room after the game.

Video after the jump.

Of course, last time HBO did one of these documentaries, Hard Knocks, the head coach and his wife were later revealed to have a foot fetish.  I can't wait to see what we learn about Bruce Boudreau in a couple months.


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  1. “If you told me the Flyers were going to be on HBO…”
    You mean besides having an hour-long documentary on the Bullies produced within the last year?

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🙂 I could watch 1:38-1:39 over and over again and never grow bored. Hahahahahhaha.

  3. @pizza bagel i agree about those 2 seconds hahahaha
    what does bylsma say at 2:02? “and then (something) ends up being the game-winning goal”

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