It Just Keeps Getting Better: Flyers Top NHL’s Power Rankings

Flyers_power_rankings has the Flyers ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins atop this week's NHL power rankings.

We're running out of metaphors here.


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  1. Yo, dude. Sad news. Espn2 just started a segment by stating all the great moments in Eagles history, and went on to say something along the lines of, “But no one can ever forget that moment when Eagles fans booed…” etc, etc. Then they cut to a segment “documenting” it. I turned the channel immediately. Haters gonna keep on hatin’. Guess Philly will just keep winnin’.

  2. I want an ESPN Philadelphia. Not a big deal but honestly they have Boston,Chicago,Dallas(?), LA, and New York. Philadelphia should have been done way before Dallas.
    Not to mention they have a few ESPN writers that like to write about Philadelphia. (Sal Palontonio, Jayson Stark and even Jaws has his weekly predictions on the site as well.)
    Like I said not a big deal but how does Dallas get a site over Philly.

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