It Was Nice to See Beeker’s Mom Supporting Him Last Night

Evan Turner is from Chicago.  His Mom came out to watch last night's drubbing from the Bulls.

Footage after the jump.

Flight one two, flight one two, cleared for landing.  Flaps set to full.



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  1. nice. Make fun of your own players mom because she’s older and doesn’t hit up the gym like a woman in her 20s.
    This is why nobody takes your town seriously.

  2. Swisher is all over this blog, he is probably another unemployed NY fan….again the real CLOWN is Nick Swisher..dbag

  3. swisher is a big, fat, bagel eatin’, basement dwelling, trash spewing new york writer with nothing better to do because their top yankees off season acquisition was the same aging shortstop they had for the last decade who they clearly overpaid for but still had to “widdle” to an “appropriate” salary. good luck in 2011, yankees.

  4. Even though Swisher is a faggot product of a rape nigga is right.
    These racist faggots would never make fun of cliff lee’s mom or any shit like that

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