Jody Shelley Sucker Punches Andrew Alberts, Flyers Lose in Equally Pathetic Fashion

So much for a nice night of Philly sports.  The Flyers got crushed, 6-2, and Jody Shelley might be suspended for this sucker punch on Andrew Alberts.

Read Stevie Why's game recap here, watch the punch at the "highlights" after the jump.


10 Responses

  1. I agree, philsphan. I literally couldn’t believe it when we signed him. He serves no other purpose than to get in those meaningless goon fights that are like 8 seconds into a game. Carcillo, while quite nutty himself, has some other redeeming qualities on the ice.

  2. you guys are pussies. shelley is the definition of a broadstreet bully…what flyers hockey should be. thats a legitimate hit.

  3. im not the biggest shelley fan but that was far from a sucker punch, alberts was the initial person he was pushing and shoving with, the other guy stepped inbetween and it made him look like an ass but alberts still should have seen it coming
    plus it was a half ass punch kinda pathetic he fell

  4. You cant call that a sucker punch when 3 guys are coming after you pushing and shoving he was looking straight at him when he got knocked out. Go Jodi Shelley

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