Lee to Kinsler: See You in the World Series

I love you, Clifton.  [ESPN.com]

Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler exchanged some text messages with his old friend Cliff Lee on Tuesday night.

Lee's text to Kinsler said: "It was great playing with you. Sorry, but see you in the World Series."

Kinsler, one of the players on hand for the special showing of the team DVD "It's Time," texted his former teammate: "Uncle. It's about time you made a decision."

No words.


4 Responses

  1. I can only hope that in this world series he nonchalantly catches a Ian Kinsler pop fly like he did when he played the Yankees. That might be my favorite pop up to the catcher ever.

  2. That was the best Out ever….I laughed out loud when it happened. Who laughs (out loud) when someone catches a baseball…that says enough right there! Welcome HOME Cliff.

  3. when he caught the line drive behind his back against the yankees i went blind for thirty minutes. when i regained my vision i could only see glimmering pictures of jesus in the manger. Was that the most epic event since the birth of christ?… i guess so

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