This is awesome.  In case you weren't watching the Sixers game last night (call it a hunch), here's video of the awkward three minute exchange between Marc Zumoff and Eric Snow, as they debated the existence of the Cavaliers in the wake of LeBron.

One thing is clear: Eric Snow is an idiot.  Zumoff was simply trying to make the point that LeBron made the guys around him better than they were (very true), but Snow and his small mind latched onto the flip side of the argument- the players were there to make LeBron better- completely ignoring the fact that both things could happen at the same time.  ZOMG!

It's like one of those reading comprehension questions from grade school: What can you infer from the players around LeBron?

Zumoff: While the other players were there to make LeBron better, his very presence made them better.

Snow: The other players were there to make LeBron better, NOTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD CAN HAPPEN BESIDES THAT ONE LONE FACT.  JUMP SHOOTERS…. …. I LOVE LAMP.

About halfway into the exchange, it got to a point where both guys were arguing just for the sake of arguing, and somehow poor Jrue Holiday got brought into the mix.

Incredibly, it took Snow until the two minute mark to break out the "I know because I played with LeBron, Zoo!" card.  

Excellent parting shot from Snow at the 2:45 mark that throws Zoo for a loop.  But Zoo came back for more, albeit briefly,  just before the half (second video).

Sixers basketball, feel the excitement!