I am so tempted to open this with an Outkast lyric, but I'll restrain myself.

Seems DeSean Jackson's mother was cheering a little too hard for her son on Sunday (that apple, it falls real close to the tree).  Winston Justice, who writes a weekly column for the Daily News, said Ms. Jackson was pushed in the aftermath of her son's punt return:

This past Sunday, as we were on the team bus driving from the hotel to the stadium before the game, one thing that stuck out in my mind was how all the fans were giving us the bird and how much they looked like they sincerely hated us. There's nothing like playing a division rival in their territory – the emotion and intensity carries over to the fans, too. In fact, my family was at the game and watched DeSean Jackson's mom get pushed by a Giants fan in retaliation for her zealous cheering after the big win. It's unfortunate that fans take it that far. The only pushing and shoving should be done on the field.


Record stops.  Is this like spittin' on Mrs. Lee, New York?  Pushin' Ms. Jackson.  Did it really happen?  We'll take Winston's word for it.  That Giants fan was mad, real mad, Joe Jackson- see that, I went with a topical Kanye reference instead.  And ya do kno dat.

Ya know, but this sort of thing only happens in Philly…

Speaking of happening in Philly (oh, transition),  a new Andy Reid got all Joe Jackson with Michael Vick a couple of weeks ago.  Timmy Mac fills us in:

“There was a reason he got on me and knew I wasn’t doing something right,” said Vick. “He called me out on it and everyone expected me to respond in a totally different way. But it’s something I think should happen to all players. No player should not be able to be chastised when they’re in the wrong. I think you learn from it, you respect the coach and you don’t let it happen again. That’s what I believe in.”


Great read over at Philly Sports Daily about the new Reid and the energy he is bringing to the locker room.  For realsies.