Cliff_leeYes, please.

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal confirms the Phillies are the "mystery team.". Stay tuned.

Poor Jon Heyman.

First SI's baseball writer had to deal with a fake perpetuating ridiculous rumors, now he is taking heat for saying a "mystery team" is in on the Cliff Lee sweepstakes.

hearing from multiple sources there is indeed #mysteryteam in on cliff lee. hear its not the #phillies, always a threat

still hearing rumblings of 3rd team in lee mix. word is offer much lower than NYY's, but it's also a place lee loves

ESPN's Buster Olney doubts that team exists at all:

Remember: if you ever read about a 'mystery team,' it can only come spoon-fed from an agent who is trying to create leverage.

But wait, there's more!  If you order now… whoa, what just happened there?  More is Jayson Stark theorizing that team could be the… wait for it… seriously, just hang… almost… the Phillies.

This is a guess, not a scoop, because no one will confirm it. But no team fits profile of Cliff Lee's mystery team more than the #Phillies.

Of course, none of this is even financially feasible for the Phils, right?  Right?

Link to Stark's Insider article here.