UPDATE: Phillies Are The Mystery Team in on Lee

Cliff_leeYes, please.

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal confirms the Phillies are the "mystery team.". Stay tuned.

Poor Jon Heyman.

First SI's baseball writer had to deal with a fake perpetuating ridiculous rumors, now he is taking heat for saying a "mystery team" is in on the Cliff Lee sweepstakes.

hearing from multiple sources there is indeed #mysteryteam in on cliff lee. hear its not the #phillies, always a threat

still hearing rumblings of 3rd team in lee mix. word is offer much lower than NYY's, but it's also a place lee loves

ESPN's Buster Olney doubts that team exists at all:

Remember: if you ever read about a 'mystery team,' it can only come spoon-fed from an agent who is trying to create leverage.

But wait, there's more!  If you order now… whoa, what just happened there?  More is Jayson Stark theorizing that team could be the… wait for it… seriously, just hang… almost… the Phillies.

This is a guess, not a scoop, because no one will confirm it. But no team fits profile of Cliff Lee's mystery team more than the #Phillies.

Of course, none of this is even financially feasible for the Phils, right?  Right?

Link to Stark's Insider article here.


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  1. Maybe The Phillies will get rid of this ‘Imaginary Team Salary Cap’ in order to boast the best 1-2-3-4 punch in history…

  2. I can’t stress it anymore than this. CLIFF LEE IS NOT COMING TO THE PHILLIES, NOR WILL HE EVER! Bet your houses, cars, and children on it.

  3. I wish they would stop with all the rumors. I know he is not coming back here, but reading all this almost gives me a little bit of hope. Best Pitching Rotation EVER!

  4. Mike, that is not true at all…Blanton is only making 8.5 this season and he’s a lot better than a lot of those pitchers making 10 plus, (Javier Vazquez, Barry Zito, Hiroki Kuruda)…just to name a few…You don’t think the Marlins would have rather paid blanton 8 and half and barely give up anything to get him instead of wasting 10 mill on the bum jav vasquez, theres a lot of teams that would want blanton, esp if the phils wouldn’t want much in return

  5. Andy look up Javy’s stats, they are MUCH better than you think, he just couldn’t pitch in NY. He finished 4th in the cy-young voting in 09.

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