New York Mets Dupe the Bejesus out of Fans

Dear Mets Fans,

We actually feel sorry for you.

This latest ad from the Metropolitans diguises itself as breaking news to announce the signing of a big name free agent.  But no, because they are awful, it's an ad for 10% off season tickets.

On a parellel path, the Phillies sold 35,000 tickets on Tuesday.

The Amazin' Mets, folks.

The video: [via Deadspin]


7 Responses

  1. Multiple sources say that the Mets fans turned down that offer, to go to Philadelphia where they have multiple opportunities to watch the Mets play the NL powerhouse Philadelphia Phillies. This is truly unbelievable, considering the Mets lucrative offer of a 10% discount. Come on, who turns down 10%?!?!?!?! You only get offers like that at like, FYE!!!!!!

  2. Mets fan here (I come in peace)…..simply put, this makes me sick to my stomach. Its awful in sooo many ways.

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