Jayson Werth Signs with the Nationals


So long, Philly. Remember, I'm just a car ride away- plenty of tickets available.

After heavy speculation, it's official- Jayson Werth has signed a 7 year, $126 million contract with the Washington Nationals. 

What… in… the…

After their name was mentioned in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes, it became apparent the Nationals had some money to dole out this winter.  But nobody thought they would land one of the available big-name free agents.  Well, they got one today.

So much for Werth being in it to win it.  According to CSN's Jim Salisbury, the Phillies did offer him a contract (around 3 years, $48 million), but it obviously wasn't in the ballpark of what the Nats offered him.

The Nationals do have Stephen Strasburg and all-world rookie Bryce Harper.  However, Strasburg will sit out this entire season after having Tommy John surgery and Harper is only 18 years old. They are still several years away from contending.  

Werth has struggled as a cleanup hitter and has never had a 100 RBI season.  This makes no sense for the Nationals.  But for Werth… $126 million is a lot of money.  

Werth will take his place in right field at Citizen's Bank Park on Tuesday, May 3rd at 7:05 PM.  That should be fun.

First McNabb, now Werth, perhaps the Wizards could take Iguodala off our hands…

Your thoughts?  Comment after the jump.

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33 Responses

  1. Future article title: Jayson Werth signs with Washington Nationals, DC locals shocked to discover they have a Major League Baseball team. I expect credit.

  2. Uuuuhhh anyone worried bout the fact that Werth is gone and dom brown just left winter ball cause he was “tired”?

  3. I’m hoping they use this sandwich pick wisely…italian hoagie is nice however I think they should go with a risk and take a reuben. Ham and cheese is too safe; nothing more than a AAA or bench player.

  4. I for one am happy about this signing. The phillies pulled us around by the chain long enough. I’m happy for Jayson no he can enjoy his xmas and then in the spring start fresh. 🙂 And the bright side is the nats come to CBP atleast 6 times in the summer 🙂

  5. Hahahahaha……..as a die hard Phillies Phan I say goodbye & I wont miss you. A full time starter for only the last 3 years he’s not worth anything close to that number. Brown isn’t the answer either. I hope we sign someone!!!

  6. stevefredericks – there were more suitors than just the Phillies. Teams believed to be involved heavily included the Tigers and Red Sox. He chose the Washington Nationals. That shows unequivocally that his heart was with the money not with team talent. It’s not even debatable. We are well within our right to call him on it. What exactly is your useless point in this thread?

  7. Werth=Burrell & Rollen. If he went to the AL I’d wish him nothing but the best, however clearly he wants money and he wants to stick it to he Phills. I think he will dearly miss what he had here.

  8. What I find funny too is, Boras and Phillies have a checkered history. Because the Nats are, well, the Nats, the Phillies wont receive the First round comp pick for losing Werth.
    I almost feel like this is giant screw you Philly, and a backroom deal was done (or is in the works) to trade Werth out of Washington.

  9. ain’t no way he’s worth that much money. i would love to have him in our outfield still because raul just simply isn’t cutting it anymore, but for that price eff no

  10. Crazy! Crazy!!! Thought Werth wanted to play for a contender . . . he might be he’ll have to wait to at least year 5 of his contract.
    Photoman, I don’t understand the draft stuff – why won’t the Phillies get two now?

  11. Maybe they can afford him because we sell out their park for them? I won’t miss him. Didn’t want him to stay in our division, but who cares? Now at least I won’t have to feel nauseous when he watches 3 strikes go by then throws his equipment in disgust.

  12. That is the LAST PLACE I expected Werth to sign. Well, LAST PLACE is where he’d better get used to being now . . .for the rest of his career.

  13. I, for one, will miss him. He already helped bring us a championship, so i’ll say thanks and good luck unless you’re playing against the Phils. He’s not worth 126 mil to us, though.
    I can’t blame him for taking that much money…shit, we already knew someone was going to overpay him…we just thought it would be Boston. If Boston was anywhere in that ballpark, though, i don’t know why he wouldn’t take the money AND the chance for another championship.

  14. Don’t be so quick to put down the Nats. How close were we to contending in 2005? I guarantee there were a lot of folks back then in other cities putting down any potential signing with the Phillies because “doesn’t he want to play for a contender??” They have a chance of having a very legit squad in as little as two years.

  15. and just yesterday the brass pulled the plug on his replacement from the winter league where D. Brown was hitting a whopping .069,they claim he is tired,and now we have no right fielder,,

  16. Dont get me wrong, I was a HUGE Werth supporter, I love love loved him. But when you decline a multi-year contract worth millions of dollars, in the middle of a season where your team posted the best record in all of baseball, to “wait and …see what you can get offered in free agency” (not to mention hiring scott as your agent) and multiple rumors of turning down a few (very good) offers made by the team that brought your career back to life, it just proves that money is more important to him. It’s just disappointing to see. Oh well. I loved him, but a selfish attitude like that doesn’t deserve or even belong on a team like ours. Selfish players don’t help teams, just themselves. The Phillies are a real team. They play for each other, have each other’s back and pick they’re teammates up when they’re down. They don’t see anyone in the clubhouse individually, just one single unit. When one guy fails they all take the heat. When one does good, he credits the guys around him. The Phillies play with passion, determination, devotion and most of all with their hearts. For EACH OTHER. Thats what creates success. The Phillies are a real life walking, talking, breathing definition of the word “team.”

  17. For the comment about this contract being less absurd than Ryan Howard’s confuses me? Lets look at the numbers, because this is how they make bank plain and simple.
    Ryan Howard has averaged 46 HR’s and 135 RBI’s over the last 5 1/2 years (2005 1/2 year taking over for Jim Thome.
    Jayson Werth who has averaged 27 HR’s and 86 RBI’s over his 3 1/2 years with the Phils (2007 he played 94 games before starting full time).
    How is less power hitter production Werth more?

  18. Happy for Jayson but this move is such a huge risk for an organization like Washington. I’d be a bit considered having a 39 year-old corner outfielder making $18 million a year but that’s the risk they were willing to take. Ultimately, Washington needed to prove to the minimal fan base they were dedicated to winning (or trying to win). All I know is I hope they took into consideration the long-term contracts they might someday be dishing out to Strasburg and Harper if they pan out to be as expected. Bizarre move to say the least.

  19. ummm…$48 millions vs $126 million?
    I’d do the same, especially if I already had a ring.
    Don’t blame ya Werth. You’ll have a nice view of the NL East basement from your penthouse.

  20. And give Dom Brown a chance! This has probably been the longest stretch of ball he’s ever played, so yeah, he probably is tired and beat-up.
    He is famous for posting better numbers everytime he goes up a level…patience fellas!

  21. This is why some teams like the Nats, Mets, Cards, and even the Yankees to some extent, can’t continue to compete YEAR AFTER YEAR, because of their history of signing BAD contracts to OVERVALUED players. That is why I hated the Raul signing two yrs ago for the Phils, over-aged player sucking down the salary. The Nats may be good initially for the next 2 or 3 years, but they WILL NOT SUSTAIN it, Werth’s contract will drain them in the second half of it’s existence. I personally think there IS a government hand helping out the Nats, because just a few yrs ago they had THEIR hand out, begging for $$$, now they sign two back to back 1st picks to lucrative contracts/signing bonuses AND overpay Werth by a long shot? Sounds like all of the businesses that got gov’t handouts then gave lucrative bonuses to undeserving CEO’s…

  22. “First McNabb, now Werth, perhaps the Wizards could take Iguodala off our hands…”
    …..so well stated….Sixers, learn from this…sell your overvalued player NOW before he does suck (ex: McNabb in WAS this season…OUCH!).

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