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SI Writer Gives the Phillies No Respect, We Blast

Kyle Scott - December 29, 2010


We're not ones to blast folks for making predictions.  No one, not you nor I, can accurately predict sports.  If we could, we would all be rich.  But when someone's prediction is so deeply seeded in moronic logic, well, then we're going to tear them a new one.  

Joe Sheehan, an experienced baseball writer for, gave his top ten predictions for 2011 and said the Phillies will win less than 96 games.  We dissect.

The Phillies will win fewer than 96 games. 

Oh goodie, do tell us how, Mr. Joe.

That figure is the current line for the Phillies' 2011 win total set by your finer, ahem, establishments.

A gambling man, you say.  Go on.

It's easy to win December: make the biggest trade, sign the biggest free agent, lose the least talent, and no one is shredding their elbows or having trouble locating their fastball or just plain feeling old. It's harder to win September, when stat lines give way to baseball games, bad bounces, human frailty.

Right.  That same human frailty suffered by this current group of core players that has led them to a record of 72-38 in September (.654 winning percentage) since 2007?  

It was three years ago that pundits — myself included — were raving about the Tigers' 1,000-run offense in the wake of their trades for Edgar Renteria and Miguel Cabrera. That team won 74 games, finished last and fell just 179 tallies shy of a grand.

So let's just throw out that four-consecutive division title track record, shall we?

This isn't to say that the Phillies aren't the best team in the NL or won't win the NL East for the fifth year in a row.

Woop, I'll remove it from the trash.

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Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of 2010: #3 Eagles Comeback Against the Giants

Kyle Scott - December 29, 2010

This is our second annual "Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of the year."  You can find last year's list here.  We will roll out a new moment each day (one over the weekend) from now until New Year's Eve.

The week couldn't have gotten any better for Philly sports fans.  Cliff Lee had just thumbed his nose at the Yankees and the Flyers were coming off a resounding win against the Rangers.

After being completely dominated for three quarters, we couldn't expect the Eagles to complete the perfect week.  Trailing 31-10 with eight minutes remaining, they appeared to be dead in the water. Then, just like the Cliff Lee signing, something funny happened.  A long shot miracle at best, the Eagles slowly unveiled themselves as a contender in the game, just as the Phillies did in the Lee sweepstakes.

A few short minutes later, DeSean Jackson sprinted past the Giants, toward the endzone and an Eagles vistory.

In a year of Philly sports comebacks, the final half a quarter of the Eagles game against the Giants may have been the most unlikely of the bunch.  There was no margin for error.  No time to assess things.  And, instead of just playing better, the Eagles needed a lot of help from our little siblings to the North to complete their comeback.

Watch our highlight video of a week of dominance, after the jump.

Rest of the Top Ten here.  As always, leave your memories of this moment in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson Says Michael Vick Should Have Been Executed

Kyle Scott - December 29, 2010


Say whaaaaat?

Yeah, you read that right.  Last night, when talking about President Obama's call to Jeffrey Lurie, conservative Tucker Carlson (an insufferable douche) said that Michael Vick should have been executed for what he did to his dogs: [AOL Fanhouse]

"I'm a Christian, I've made mistakes myself, I believe fervently in second chances, but Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did in a heartless and cruel way. And I think, personally, he should've been executed for that. He wasn't, but the idea that the President of the United States would be getting behind someone who murdered dogs? Kind of beyond the pale."


Wow.  Let that percolate for a minute.

This is the same person who criticized George W. Bush for mocking a death row inmate, sent fake emails to the Daily News' Stu Bykofsky, and, in his twenties, beat up a gay guy.

Also ironic, is that the first ad that popped up for me upon visiting Carlson's website, The Daily Caller, was an NFL Shop ad for Michael Vick t-shirts.  Heh.  Now, I know all about contextual advertising, and while the ad I saw will likely not appear for others, that is some funny shit right there.


Get them before he's gone! Literally.

Video after the jump.

H/T to Caleb Mezzy

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Jody Shelley Sucker Punches Andrew Alberts, Flyers Lose in Equally Pathetic Fashion

Kyle Scott - December 29, 2010


So much for a nice night of Philly sports.  The Flyers got crushed, 6-2, and Jody Shelley might be suspended for this sucker punch on Andrew Alberts.

Read Stevie Why's game recap here, watch the punch at the "highlights" after the jump.

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Andy Reid Doesn’t Like Les Bowen

Kyle Scott - December 29, 2010

What a stark contrast to last week's press conference.  Andy Reid was not happy with the team's performance and called his job of coaching "pathetic."  But what really gets under Big Red's skin is late reporters.

It would have been really swell if Les fired back with something about Reid's timeout use.  He didn't. But he did later respond.  Read it here.

Ed Rendell Doesn’t Have a Seat and a Couple of Sightings

Kyle Scott - December 29, 2010


The Eagles didn't take to kindly to Ed Rendell's comments about a "Nation of Wussies."  NBC showed what happened to the Gov's seat.

Of course, most folks who criticize Joe Banner and Co. wind up floating in the river, sooo this is a win.

And guess who CSN cameras caught in the tunnel post-game?  You're going to have to get over the jump for that, but here's a hint: He's not standing at home plate anymore.

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Live Game Feed

Kyle Scott - December 28, 2010


H/T to Brandon for the pic

Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of 2010: #4 Cliff Lee Returns

Kyle Scott - December 28, 2010


This is our second annual "Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of the year."  You can find last year's list here.  We will roll out a new moment each day (one over the weekend) from now until New Year's Eve.

This doesn't happen.  Players don't thumb their noses at $150 million and the New York Yankees. Teams don't have four aces on their staff- except the Phillies, of course.  

This stuff happens only in Philadelphia.

This might go down as the most shocking signing in the history of baseball.  

Last year, Cliff Lee was traded away so the Phillies could bring Roy Halladay to Philadelphia.  Most, including Ruben Amaro, assumed that it would be too difficult to sign Lee, as he would be looking for a large, likely 7-year contract this winter.

In 2010, Lee pitched himself into position to earn that contract and become one of the highest paid pitchers of all-time- all the while, making it known that he missed Philadelphia.  The Yankees and Rangers were the favorites to land him in the off-season, since surely the Phillies couldn't afford him.  Then, something funny happened.  Within the span of six hours on December 13th, the Phillies went from the "mystery team" in the sweepstakes to land his services, to his future employer.  Again.

Lee chose the Phillies over the Yankees, taking one year and about $20 million less over the course of his contract.  Amazing.

Who thought that, in the year dominated by Roy Halladay, it would again be Cliff Lee who commands our attention?  He might go down as one of the most beloved athletes in Philly history… and one of the most hated in New York.

Rest of the Top Ten here.  As always, leave your memories of this moment in the comments.